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Protect Your Finances With Our Property Division Services

At Hansen Law, you can trust that we will develop a property settlement that will protect your financial interests in a divorce. Our lawyer will take the time to help you understand your property rights and address any special rules or requirements related to complex property.

In Washington, you cannot modify the terms of a property division order after it has been finalized, except in very limited situations. Protect yourself with our comprehensive advice. Call our office in Yakima at 509-388-0160.

Our Attorney Can Help You Avoid Making Mistakes Now That Could Hurt You Later

Washington is considered a community property state. Under the law, each spouse owns and is entitled to an equal interest in the assets acquired and responsibility for debt incurred during the marriage.

When a couple files for divorce, each spouse may receive a 50-50 split of all community property. A court has the authority to deviate when equal division would leave one spouse in an inferior position.

Property division might seem like a simple process, but it can be very complicated. Here are only a few reasons why you should have our attorney help you with property division:

  • Mortgages: A divorce decree does not modify the terms of a mortgage. Without proper divorce planning, a spouse who moves out under the settlement could still be responsible for any default.
  • Joint bank accounts and credit cards: We can help protect you from a spouse’s financial waste while your divorce is pending.
  • Pensions, life insurance or retirement benefits: These may require a qualified domestic relations order to avoid strict early withdrawal penalties.
  • Businesses, stocks and other investments: Valuation of the asset can be complicated and very confusing. There are also special concerns related to dividing a business.
  • Property often forgotten: Season tickets, frequent flyer miles or other rewards programs have value in a divorce.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Financial Future | Se Habla Español

With our advice, you can put your divorce in the past. With our affordable rates, you can do so with as much of your money as possible. Call our office at 509-388-0160 or 877-657-3179 or send us an email. We proudly serve residents in Yakima, Grandview and the surrounding area.