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Relocations And Modifications Must Be Approved

A job opportunity may require that you move away. How does this affect a child custody agreement? A significant change in circumstances can make it impossible to stay current with child support. Is it possible to get a modification? Consult an attorney for sound legal advice when issues arise after divorce.

At Hansen Law, we realize that changes happen that may not have been anticipated at the time of your divorce. We help families find workable solutions to these types of problems. We have offices in Yakima and Grandview to serve all the family law needs of clients across the Yakima Valley. When you and your former spouse cannot agree, our lawyer will protect your interests and work to obtain the best possible outcome.

Relocation Requirements

Relocation or move-away restrictions vary by state. Washington statute places a burden on an opposing parent to prove that the detrimental effect of the move outweighs any benefit. While this may lean in favor of allowing parents to move, it is still possible to challenge a move.

Prior to moving away, a parent must notify each person who has residential time or visitation. If you are considering moving, you need to take this requirement seriously. In certain situations, such as cases involving domestic violence, this notice requirement may be waived.

Any objection must be filed within 30 days, so it is crucial to seek legal advice quickly if you oppose the move. When no objections are filed, the relocation is permitted.

Uncertainty can be a challenge. We understand the difficulty of these issues and are attentive to your needs and accessible to you from start to finish.

Modifications When Life Changes

No one knows what will happen in the future. Even the most carefully considered divorce settlement may not resolve all future issues or may become out of date. Post-divorce modifications must be handled carefully. Generally, the court will not approve of a modification unless there has been a significant change in circumstances.

When child support has become the issue, you may be able to seek a modification in the following situations:

  • You have lost your job or the other parent has changed jobs and is earning a much higher salary.
  • Your child is now 12 or older.
  • Day care or medical costs have changed.
  • You have had another child.

Seeking experienced legal counsel to guide you through the process is the best way to avoid errors that can waste time and money.

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