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Legal Help For Military Families

Whether you serve in the Army in Yakima or are deployed on the other side of the world, considering divorce brings some additional legal details to the forefront. If one or both spouses are in the military, there will be some additions to the divorce requirements.

Your Experienced Guide

At Hansen Law, we know how to efficiently guide service members and their families through the federal military and Washington state rules to attain a military divorce. The compassionate and skilled team at our firm can make sure that your divorce follows federal and state laws.

Divorce Initiation

Even though there is a combination of state and federal laws governing military divorce, Washington state is the government entity that grants the divorce. One spouse can serve the military spouse with divorce papers, but if the spouse is deployed, the military spouse can delay the completion of the divorce.

Property Division

Property division operates under state rule, which considers most assets as community property. Military retirement assets can get divided, but military disability funds cannot be shared with a former spouse.

Support Calculations

Child support amounts get set by the Washington State Child Support Schedule but are subject to federal limits for the military. Federal law limits all support to 60 percent of a military member’s pay, down to 50 percent if a serviceperson remarries and has other children to support.

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