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Securing Grandparents’ Rights

Being a part of a grandchild’s life is advantageous to both the grandparent and the child. There are situations where a parent may not want to prioritize a grandparent’s access to a grandchild. That is where Hansen Law comes in.

Affirming Your Relationship

Taking legal action to secure your rights to see your grandchildren is different than trying to get legal custody of a child. In the state of Washington, the grandparents’ rights statute concerns the ability to have visitation rights with a grandchild. Third-party custody is when someone other than one of the child’s parents attempts to get custody.

Proving Family Ties

Senate Bill 5598, which became law in 2018, allows any relative through blood or marriage to request visitation rights. The petitioner for visitation has to not only prove a family connection with the child but also a strong and ongoing relationship with the child that is in the child’s best interests.

Experienced Advocacy

Our Yakima law firm advocates in court for grandparents throughout the greater Tri-Cities area to be able to visit their grandchildren regularly. Our caring team understands that extended family relationships are important and supports efforts toward visitation agreements.

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