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The Compassion And Strength You Need In Domestic Violence Situations

Family courts take allegations of abuse or neglect seriously. You need to as well. Physical safety and emotional well-being are very substantial issues for victims of family violence, and false claims can have a very serious impact on the rights of those who have been accused.

Navigating family matters involving domestic violence requires the assistance of a lawyer who is both compassionate and strong. At Hansen Law, we understand the delicate nature of these cases. We can represent you whether you are in need of protection from domestic abuse or have been accused of committing family violence.

You and your family are important to us, and we tailor our representation toward your family’s needs. Call us at 509-388-0160 immediately for assistance from our attorney in any domestic violence situation in Yakima, Grandview or the surrounding area.

What Is An Order Of Protection? How Could It Affect Your Life?

Under Washington law, individuals who have suffered family violence or the threat of violence can seek legal protection from the court. A judge has the power to grant an order of protection or restraining order based on physical, emotional or mental abuse.

The order provides protection by limiting or restricting the actions of the individual against whom the order has been filed. A protection order can include terms that:

  • Significantly limit or prohibit contact through various modes of communication
  • Require supervised visitation with children
  • Set restrictions or special requirements for child exchanges
  • Grant one individual use or possession of a shared home

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