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Don’t Pay The Fine For Your Traffic Ticket! Contact An Attorney First.

Traffic violations range from minor to severe. They can be charged in either civil or criminal court depending on the circumstances. Even if you are only cited with a minor moving violation, paying the fine equates to pleading guilty. It will go on your record, and your insurance rates can go up. If you have been cited for a traffic violation, consult with an attorney. Hansen Law has a proven record of success in helping drivers minimize the impact of an offense or have the charges dismissed entirely. We know how the legal system works, and we will use this to your advantage.

What Traffic Violations Are Considered Crimes?

We know that people make honest mistakes. When bad choices behind the wheel lead to a serious traffic violation, they can negatively impact your life. You could face substantial fines, probation, jail time, license suspension, employment repercussions and even loss of reputation.

Some traffic offenses that can be charged as a crime include:

Straightforward And Honest Advice For Your Situation

How do you know if a legal violation is worth defending? When you contact our law firm, a lawyer gives you straightforward advice about your particular situation. If you were cited for a traffic violation while passing through our area, you don’t have to drive back to Yakima to contest the charges. We can appear in court on your behalf.

Contact Us Today

We live up to our promise to make your interests our priority by offering affordable fees and only accepting cases that require the assistance of an attorney. Before you pay a traffic fine, contact us at 509-388-0160 or toll free at 877-657-3179 or fill out our form online. Se habla español.