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How to get third-party custody of a child

While most Washington courts prefer that parents remain active in a child’s life, it’s not always in the best interest of the child to live with the parents. If one or both parents are unstable or abusive, a non-parent can petition for custody. According to Yakima...

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Steps to take against domestic abuse

Domestic abuse brings to mind blowout fights and physical violence but encompasses many other behaviors like manipulation, isolation and intimidation. None of these tactics of control provide a happy or healthy home life for yourself or your children. In those dark...

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Ramifications of aggressive driving

Many Washington drivers learn the rules of the road in a drivers’ education class, and over time, personal habits take the place of adherence to traffic laws. As driving becomes as automatic as breathing, you may forget some of the finer points of the law. We often...

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Am I a victim of domestic abuse?

Most people believe that it is easy to identify domestic abuse, especially if it is happening in your own relationship. The truth is, many victims of abuse do not recognize the signs when they are happening to them because of the mental impact abusive spouses can have...

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