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Police errors can get your DUI dismissed

Getting stopped for a DUI in Washington doesn't always mean that you will lose your driving privileges. If this is your first offense, you can usually expect at least some measure of leniency. Things may get even better if you can prove that the police made mistakes...

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What are drunk driving penalties?

When you face charges for drunk driving, you could be looking at much more than a simple fine, or even time in jail. The long-lasting consequences of a DUI conviction can affect multiple areas of your life, and these impacts can last for years to come. Thus, you would...

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Breath test devices can give inaccurate readings

When officers in Washington pull motorists over on suspicion of drunk driving, they often use roadside breath test devices. These machines help determine a driver’s blood alcohol content level and whether they are driving while over the legal limit of 0.08. The issue...

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Is driving hungover dangerous?

The vast majority of Americans are aware of the dangers related to drunk driving. Additionally, most are aware that the law attaches serious legal and financial penalties to a DUI conviction. However, even though most people understand that driving drunk is dangerous,...

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A guide to DUI in Washington

Statistics show that 25% of fatal crashes involve alcohol, so Washington has enacted strict laws regarding those who drive under the influence of alcohol. A driver charged with DUI in Yakima could face stiff penalties. Overview of Washington DUI laws In this state, it...

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