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Can “nesting” help us co-parent?

No two divorces look the same, and co-parenting agreements are similar. What works for one family may not work for another, and many parents devise ingenious solutions to the challenges of co-parenting. A popular new strategy is to engage in a “nesting” arrangement to...

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Understanding collaborative divorce

An increasingly popular way to handle family law matters is through “collaborative” processes. This area of dispute resolution extends to divorces, allowing couples to avoid conflict in court but still retain attorneys to protect their individual rights. Some...

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What is Divorce Like During the Pandemic?

Life is filled with traditions, rituals and rites that mark major transitions – graduation ceremonies, wedding receptions and retirement parties, just to name a few. But thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, many of those formal rituals are unavailable at the moment....

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Divorce considerations for military members

If you or your spouse serves in the military and you are facing divorce, you have several special considerations that do not apply to civilians. Preparing for divorce as a military member may involve accommodations for moves and deployments as well as unique laws...

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