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How to handle social media during divorce

Social media can be an unhealthy environment for people in Washington who are going through a divorce. While the best approach might be to forgo social media altogether until the divorce is finalized, those who want to continue using it should adhere to some...

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Getting a gray divorce

Unfortunately, gray divorces, which are divorces involving people who are over the age of 50, are becoming more common in the US. Pew research indicates that the rate of gray divorces has doubled since 1990. Divorce is likely an emotional experience for the people...

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Retirement assets and divorce settlements

Financial concerns remain on many people's minds looking at their retirement years. Spouses planning to divorce might worry about preserving their retirement savings, especially if their retirement years soon approach. Both spouses are likely to focus on the division...

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Making a divorce more manageable

No one thinks about an impending divorce on the day of their marriage, but a dissolution becomes a reality for a significant percentage of couples. The shock of entering into divorce proceedings leaves some emotionally shaken. While stress and anxiety are expected for...

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