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A DUI and job searches

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2022 | DUI |

Anyone who drives after drinking alcohol could face arrest for a DUI. Someone might think they can navigate Washington roads after one or two drinks but their resultant erratic driving may end when the police stop the car. Things could be worse if the driver causes an accident. However, even if the stop and arrest happen without any serious harm inflicted, the driver might deal with the consequences for years after the fact. Many don’t realize how a drunk driving arrest and conviction could hurt their job prospects.

DUIs and job searches

When someone looks for a job, they might not realize prospective employers could be looking at their background. Running a background search does not require much effort, and an employer may hire a professional service that will look at public records. Arrests and convictions might show up in the report.

Whether fair or not, a would-be employer could dismiss someone from consideration upon discovering a DUI conviction. The would-be employer might feel that someone with a DUI might be a liability risk even if the job does not require driving.

For jobs that do require an employee or independent contractor to operate a vehicle, a DUI conviction may disqualify the person. For example, rideshare services might bar anyone from joining until several years after the conviction.

Fighting a DUI arrest

Since troubles with the law can show up on a background check, fighting DUI charges may become vital for those worried about their careers. Although the police might arrest someone for driving while intoxicated, the charges could be weak. For example, a DUI stop performed without probable cause might result in a dismissed case.

Others might ask for leniency in sentencing when the case against them is strong. Perhaps a reduced sentence may allow the defendant to put the matter behind them faster.