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Preparing for divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Firm News |

Facing a divorce is a very tough situation. While you might understand why this is the best choice for you, you are also mourning the end of your Washington marriage and what you perhaps had considered your life project. You will need to make many decisions that will affect your life post-divorce, and this will involve a lot of preparation on your part. Understanding the process, gathering a supportive, knowledgeable team and making clear plans for the future will all help you deal with the process.

Understanding the divorce process

There are several ways you can approach your divorce. Some couples will be so contentious about every aspect that they will fight it out in court. Other couples might consider less contentious options, which can also be less costly and less time-consuming. Some of these couples might seek to resolve their issues through mediation or collaborative divorce. While these alternatives are not for everyone, spouses who are willing to sit down and talk or have the motivation to resolve issues amicably, particularly if one of those issues is co-parenting children, might find one of them more amenable.

Gathering a knowledgeable and supportive team

This team might help you get through the whole divorce process with a focus on a better future. Some of the members of this support team might include:

• Relatives and friends to listen to you and help you go deal with your emotions

• A divorce coach to help you learn about your divorce options and even help you make plans on how to approach the different issues

• A lawyer to guide and represent you

• Finance professionals to help you prepare to negotiate the divorce settlement

It can be scary to face divorce. However, with understanding, support and preparation, you can overcome challenges and focus on the future.