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DUI messages may fail

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | DUI |

Persons arrested for drunk driving in Washington may face serious legal troubles. Various promotional campaigns may raise awareness about the dangers of driving under the influence, but some drivers still take to the roads intoxicated.

Information campaigns and drunk driving

People who drink and drive might give not think things through carefully. Someone leaving a bar or party intoxicated may not call a rideshare company because driving their car home would be more convenient. Such a decision doesn’t take into account the dangers of driving while drunk.

Various awareness campaigns attempt to explain why drunk driving is dangerous. Public service announcements and billboards remind people of such things consistently. However, not everyone pays attention to the information presented to them. They might see one PSA or another message and become numb to the message.

Someone bombarded with anti-drunk driving messages could tune things out. Processing such information might lead them to think about counterarguments why drunk driving isn’t so dangerous. Regardless, anyone who drives intoxicated may cause a deadly accident.

Even when an accident doesn’t occur, a driver could face a drunk driving arrest. Subsequent charges could threaten the motorist’s driving privileges while presenting the possibility of jail time and fines.

Drunk driving dangers

Drunk driving creates perception problems that increase the risk of a collision. In other words, the driver’s intoxication could make it difficult to concentrate or fully comprehend road conditions. Also, reactions slow when intoxicated, making it harder to avoid an accident at a pivotal time.

Driving while under the influence may leave the driver facing criminal charges. The driver still has the right to mount a vigorous defense.