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Domestic abuse cycles

On Behalf of | Sep 28, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Victims of domestic violence might experience several stages of the vicious cycle. In time, a victim might file for divorce in Washington family court due to suffering a spouse’s abuse.

Signs of domestic abuse

Domestic abuse takes many forms, ranging from excessive verbal belittling to physical violence to even sexual assault. Victims of domestic violence may constantly worry about their safety and physical and mental health. Many victims leave their home and their partner due to fears about their well-being.

Domestic abuse victims often suffer from high anxiety since they worry about the abuser getting set off about something. Tension might build with the abuser over problems they face, and the strain might result in an angry explosion.

Anger could turn into an incident of screaming, threatening and physical violence. Once the abuser loses control, violent behavior may commence. These outward displays of aggression might serve as the way an abuser regains control they perceive is lost.

The domestic violence incident might involve non-physical behaviors and could include passive-aggressive ones. Harassing a partner about their friends or relatives can cause anxiety and stress. Be mindful that no form of domestic abuse is minor.

Other aspects of domestic abuse cycles

After an outburst, the abuser might attempt to reconcile with the victim. The abuser might attempt to reduce tensions and try to make things up to a partner. Purchasing gifts reflects one example of how an abuser attempts to ingratiate themselves with a victim.

Things might seem fine for a while, and the family home could experience a level of calm. However, this calm stage may only be temporary, and the cycle of domestic abuse may repeat.

Filing for divorce might be unavoidable when living with an abusive spouse. In some situations, filing for a protection order seems advisable.