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2022’s most dangerous days for DUIs

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | DUI |

DUI charges may happen throughout the year, especially on weekends and holidays, when people are out celebrating or gathering with Washington friends and family. Being aware of your own responsibility as well as that of others may help you avoid the deadly combination of drinking and driving.

You might want to make note of the days that are likely to see arrests for driving under the influence. Tracking, using NHTSA data, was in place for seasons, holidays and days of the week and resulted in some projections for 2022.

The most dangerous day of the week

Saturday had the honor of being first in the most dangerous days. For 2022, predictions were that 24.1% would occur on Saturday. Sunday, also a day of travel, visiting and celebration, came in as second. Sunday is deadly since accidents have recording after midnight. After the weekend, things slow down, but by Friday, figures begin to rise, leading to the increase.

The most dangerous holidays

New Year’s Day led the list, with 116% higher-than-average risk. As mentioned above, counting begins after midnight, so the dangers of DUI are present after New Year’s Eve. Independence Day placed second, with Thanksgiving at a 56% higher-than-average risk.

DUI fatalities by season

Summer, with outdoor and indoor celebrations, had the highest number of DUI fatalities. Projected were 28% of DUI-related deaths for the summer of 2022. Spring came in close behind; projected were 26% of these fatalities.

Staying safe

Saying safe on the road might mean, especially during holidays and weekends, having a designated driver. Driving without distractions is also a step in staying safe.