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What are gray divorce mistakes to avoid with adult children?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Divorce |

If you divorce when close to retiring, you could encounter unexpected complications. Do you know how to support yourself and your older children in your golden years?

Psychology Today breaks down various pitfalls of dissolving your marriage with adult children. With the right insights, you protect your mental health and your extended family while navigating divorce.

Understand that your adult children may grieve

Even though your children may have mortgages and their own families, they may grieve the same as minor children upon learning about your divorce. Sons and daughters develop support systems within their families, and they may experience an identity crisis upon hearing about their parents’ divorce. Whichever way your children feel, make space for their emotions, even if you do not understand them.

Think about how divorce affects your children

When older parents end their marriage, their adult children may feel isolated and vulnerable. You may have difficulty seeing the many ways in which divorce ripples through your children and their mental health. Try not to label or guide your children’s emotions for them.

Do not badmouth your ex

Divorcing mothers and fathers should not speak ill of each other. When conflict erupts, adult children may feel caught in the middle of a family feud. A contentious divorce could shake family ties to their core. Do everything possible to act cordially toward your soon-to-be-ex. Communicating with your current spouse like you would a business colleague could help.

Divorce affects young children and adult children similarly. With mental health tips, you establish a solid foundation for a healthy post-divorce life for yourself and your loved ones.