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Can a DUI impact you if you live in another state?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2021 | DUI |

You face a variety of consequences if the state of Washington convicts you of DUI. You may lose your driving privileges, pay fines and see increases in your auto insurance rates. You may also experience sanctions at your job. However, you may think you can avoid some of these consequences if you live in another state.

Even if you reside elsewhere in the United States, receiving a DUI in Washington is nothing to take lightly. It is very possible and even likely that your DUI conviction will come back to haunt you no matter where you live in the country or even if you live outside of it.

Actions Washington authorities may take

Receiving a DUI in Washington will negatively impact your time in the state. The Washington State Department of Licensing explains that they will record the DUI on your state driving record and suspend or revoke your privilege to drive in the state. This can be especially difficult if you have a job that requires you to drive through Washington on a regular basis.

While the state’s actions do not apply to the state that has licensed you to drive, you can expect the state authorities to send a copy of your DUI citation to your home state. This means the agency in your state that oversees driver’s licenses will be able to put the DUI on your driving record. This could cause recriminations when you get back home, especially if your home state requires the revocation of your driving privileges for a DUI conviction.

The importance of contesting the charges

A DUI conviction may follow you anywhere in the country. It can even cause trouble if you live in Canada since the country considers a DUI an aggravated felony. This makes it crucial to contest the charges in the state of Washington. Fighting and defeating DUI charges may stop them from affecting your life no matter where you live.