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What are some hidden signs of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2021 | Domestic Violence |

Violence within an intimate relationship can take many forms. While some relationships may seem fine on the surface, sometimes abuse can go undetected.

Recognizing the signs of domestic violence is important for you and for anyone worried about this problem.

Cruel words

According to the Mayo Clinic, one way that abusers tend to act is to constantly put down their spouse and other family members with insults or rude replies. Although it may not seem abusive at first, this behavior can escalate as time goes on to worse insults or violent tendencies.


An abusive spouse may tell you that you cannot visit certain places or talk to some friends. This kind of controlling behavior can prevent you from talking to other people about your problems and seeking help or advice. It can also lead to restrictions on things like medicine or other necessary personal items.

The abuser may also discourage or actively make it harder for you to go to work or school. If you attempt to leave the situation, he or she may become increasingly angry.

Blaming and threats

Abuse also happens when your partner always blames you or insinuates that your actions were the cause of his or her bouts of anger. Some people may attempt to harm their pets or children. These violent acts, such as threatening you with a weapon or harm, are purposeful and meant to intimidate you.

Some people may even try to tell you that you deserve any physical injuries they give to you. Knowing the signs of domestic violence can help you understand if your relationship is abusive.