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How can you help your children adjust during divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2021 | Child Custody & Parenting Time, Divorce |

Divorce can rattle your family life and leave you scrambling to help your children understand what has happened. While you cannot protect your children from all of the challenges of divorce, your commitment to their well-being can help to minimize any collateral damage from your split.

Even though adjustment will take time, your effort can facilitate the process. Your encouragement and relentless support can help your children envision the potential of their future.

Show respect

Your children are still your ex’s children too. According to U.S. News, disrespect can damage meaningful relationships such as when you bad-mouth your ex or rely on your children to give you updates about your ex’s life and relationships. It is not your children’s responsibility to provide this type of sensitive information.

At the onset of your divorce, establish boundaries. Additionally, make a commitment to yourself that you will not speak negatively of your ex in the presence of your children. Speaking civilly about and to your ex can provide an example of resilience to your children. When they observe your tact, they may learn valuable life lessons about coping with differences.

Encourage coping

Coping may look different for each of your children depending on factors like age and maturity. Encourage your children to participate in social activities or develop a new hobby. Such behaviors may enable them to cope productively with the challenges of their changing family life.

Another option to consider is therapy or counseling. Professional intervention can help your children understand their emotions and manage triggers. Your participation in activities that improve their confidence can enable you to respond to their concerns with effective solutions that meet their individual needs.