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Steps to take against domestic abuse

On Behalf of | Nov 20, 2020 | Firm News |

Domestic abuse brings to mind blowout fights and physical violence but encompasses many other behaviors like manipulation, isolation and intimidation. None of these tactics of control provide a happy or healthy home life for yourself or your children.

In those dark moments, it may feel like nothing could help the situation. But for your own safety and your children’s, you can take action and lean on the systemic supports in place.

Call 911

These blogs do not fall under legal advice in any capacity, but if you ever feel threatened or unsafe in your home, calling 911 may help resolve your situation as quickly as possible. Be safe and get help if the situation is dire.


The Triumph Treatment Services, based in Yakima, Washington, details a variety of potential unknowns about domestic violence including the fact that you have several resources to call on to report any abuse to you or your children. This includes the regional Department of Child and Family Services that may help you figure out the best way to protect your family and resolve this situation.

Consider a protective order

Lean on your resources to navigate this sensitive situation safely. These cases are delicate, but Washington courts seek to provide legal protections for anyone suffering from physical, mental or emotional abuse in the home. If domestic violence affects your life, a judge may declare a protective order that significantly limits your abuser’s contact with you. This protection ranges from communication limitations, requiring supervised visitation regarding children and even granting possession of a shared home to an individual depending on the circumstance.