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What should I do if falsely accused of violence?

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Firm News |

Being falsely accused of any crime is a stressful, difficult experience. However, being falsely accused of domestic violence is a specific situation that can cost you not only your freedom but also your reputation.

Because domestic violence is such a severe, shocking crime society views it poorly. This is for several good reasons, but if you have been falsely accused of domestic violence it can have very serious consequences. According to FindLaw, the first thing you should do if somebody accuses you falsely of domestic violence is contact your family and friends.

How can my family help?

It is important that your nearest and dearest hear the truth from you, rather than gossip through the grapevine. Being proactive and informing your loved ones that this is happening can help keep them on your side throughout the process.

Essentially, a domestic violence accusation can be very difficult on your social life and community standing. It is important to be proactive and keep your loved ones informed as to what is going on. Failure to do this can cause your family to doubt your integrity.

What else should I do?

Make sure that you change all passwords and logins to your accounts. This is particularly important for messaging accounts. It is possible that your accuser can log into your accounts and try to create a false “paper trail” of threatening messages.

It is also important to stay calm and level-headed throughout the process. A false domestic violence charge is very emotionally demanding and draining, but staying calm will improve your chances. Particularly if you react with anger, this may go very badly for you.