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Excessive time at home and the breakdown of a marriage

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Firm News |

In recent months, many people are spending a considerable amount of time at home. Moreover, losing one’s job or suffering a serious injury that results in immobility causes a lot of people to spend far more time around the house. Unfortunately, this often leads to marital strain and even divorce, in some instances. 

If your marriage is suffering as a result of friction between you and your spouse brought on by spending too much time together, it is imperative to go over your options. Some people are so overwhelmed by hardships in their personal lives that they fail to plan ahead and this is a costly mistake when it comes to getting divorced. 

Counseling, communication and divorce 

Sometimes, people work through these issues by turning to a counselor or simply committing to more effective communication. However, this is not always possible and some marriages are unable to survive these tensions. Even if divorce is unavoidable, it is often very helpful to reduce tensions and work with your spouse during the process of ending your marriage. However, this is not always the correct approach (such as instances where excessive time with each other led to intimate partner violence). 

Going over your legal options 

Regardless of the reason why your marriage is failing, it is pivotal to closely examine your legal options if you are certain that divorce is around the corner. Preparation is paramount and plays a key role in one’s ability to protect their financial future as well as their relationship with their children. Our law firm addresses many other topics concerning the divorce process on our blog.