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Washington operates under community property laws in divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2019 | Firm News, Property Division |

In most cases, once a family law judge finalizes a Washington divorce, the possibility of modifying the terms of the order has passed. While there are limited circumstances in which a post-divorce modification may be granted, it is best to make sure one irons out all wrinkles in a proposed plan ahead of time. This state is one of only nine that operate under community property rules when it comes to property division proceedings in divorce.

When you enter divorce proceedings in Washington, you should know that the court considers all marital property equally owned by both spouses. In addition to having an equal interest in all assets, you and your spouse also share equal responsibility for any and all debts you incurred during your marriage as well. While in most cases judges will divide property 50/50, the judge overseeing your case has discretion to deviate if he or she believes one of you would be left in a financially inferior position.

Relying on an experienced family law attorney can help you avoid serious legal complications regarding property division issues. For instance, many spouses run into obstacles over forgotten assets, such as frequent flyer miles or season tickets to the symphony or professional sporting events. The valuation of a business or stocks and other investments can be quite complex as well, sometimes prompting lengthy courtroom battles, which can be both exhausting and expensive.

Hansen Law, PLLC, in Washington is well-versed in community property laws and experienced in divorce litigation. Such litigation is often avoidable through out-of-court negotiations and alternative dispute resolution processes. By requesting a consultation with our experienced legal team, you can access support to help you protect your rights and get all that you’re entitled to as you make plans for a brand new lifestyle.