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Washington dads who owe child support should read this

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Child Support, Firm News |

A state attorney general’s office in another state says it is ready to prosecute three cases involving fathers who are accused of failing in their court-ordered responsibilities to financially provide for their children. Each of the three men has been arrested and charged with felony nonsupport.  Washington parents who pay child support, as well as those facing legal problems regarding unpaid support may want to closely follow these cases.

One of the dads, age 48, allegedly owes more than $13,000 over a span of nearly 15 years. Two others who were arrested, ages 41 and 34, reportedly owe similar amounts. Many parents in this state and others have a difficult time making ends meet for their kids when co-parents neglect their financial duties.

There are often legitimate reasons that might cause a parent to be temporarily unable to meet his or her child support obligations. However, no parent can take such matters into his or her own hands by simply ceasing to send payments when due. A parent who needs to change his or her current agreement may submit a petition for modification in court.

The three men in these cases each face up to five years in prison and, of course, will have to pay any unpaid child support owed. A Washington attorney who is well-versed in family law issues can provide guidance to any parent with questions regarding child support, custody or other issues that may or may not be connected to divorce. When problems arise, it’s best to meet them head-on rather than await potentially punitive actions in the form of formal criminal charges.