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Reality TV star seeks child support and custody

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2018 | Firm News |

Washington fans of the reality TV series “Southern Charm” are likely familiar with a star on the show, Kathryn Dennis. Some may also be aware that Dennis has faced several challenges regarding child support and custody matters concerning her two children. In 2016, Dennis failed a drug test, which led her losing custody of her kids.  

The mom of two has been paying $100 per month to the father of her children, who has had full custody since then. Dennis has reportedly passed several drug tests since then and says she hopes to regain full custody of her kids. She also hopes the court will rule in her favor regarding her request to receive child support payments to help provide for her daughters’ financial needs.  

Situations like Dennis’s can be quite complicated. If a parent has a substance abuse problem, the court may determine supervised visits are in the best interests of children. In this particular case, the father of the girls is now facing allegations of sexual misconduct, which may also influence the court’s decision. Although rare, there are cases where the court determines that neither parent should have custody of his or her children.  

Washington, like all other states, has guidelines in place that pertain to child support and custody-related issues. The court’s main interest in such matters is the well-being of any children who may be involved in a specific situation. A concerned parent can protect his or her rights by acting alongside experienced family law representation in court.