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Will Geena Davis have to provide for spouse’s financial needs?

On Behalf of | May 15, 2018 | Firm News |

Among many other complicated matters that can arise in a Washington divorce, issues pertaining to money often prompt contentious situations in court. One of the things a judge must often decide is whether one spouse should help provide for the financial needs of the other. Hollywood actress Geena Davis is currently going through a divorce filed by her husband, who has requested spousal support as well as joint legal and physical custody of their three children.  

Davis and her husband were married 17 years before he recently petitioned the court for divorce. They have three children, one aged 16 and 13-year-old twins. Not only has Davis’s soon-to-be ex requested spousal support, he has also asked the court to deny a similar request from Davis if she happens to make one.  

This is the fourth divorce for Davis. Multiple divorces can be complicated because spouses may have children from previous relationships or existing court orders for child support or alimony. All such issues would be taken into consideration when the court is making decisions regarding current divorce proceedings. As for joint custody requests, the court generally believes that children fare best if they have ample opportunity to spend time with each parent, unless an extenuating circumstance causes an impediment.  

Davis and her husband are listed under the name, “Doe,” in their court documents. They no doubt wish to keep financial needs and other divorce-related information as private as possible. In fact, some Washington couples in the past have requested that their court records be sealed. Such decisions are made on case-by-case bases. An experienced family law attorney can advocate on behalf of a spouse to protect his or her rights and best interests.  

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