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Raising a child following divorce requires parental cooperation

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2018 | Firm News |

Many Washington parents have gone through or are preparing to go through divorce proceedings. Most parents consider their children’s best interests their highest priority, particularly as the parents navigate the family court system. The problem is that raising a child is an intensely personal journey, and parents who have gone their separate ways may disagree as to what is best for their kids.

Studies show children fare best when their parents are willing to cooperate to keep stress levels as low as possible when they divorce. There are several ways parents can help their children adapt to new lifestyles once the parents are no longer married. One thing they can do is refrain from arguing over custody or child support (or any family matter) in front of their children.

Sadly, some parents try to use children as pawns in divorce proceedings. This type of behavior usually impacts kids in a negative manner. It’s generally recommended that parents should help children understand the divorce was not their fault. Pitting kids against one parent or the other is definitely not conducive to convincing them they are not to blame and that they have their parents’ support as they come to terms with the changes in their lives.

Raising a child is challenging enough without having to execute a post divorce parenting plan. A Washington family law attorney can be a great asset for any parent confronting these issues. An attorney can help protect a parent’s rights and make sure children’s best interests remain a central focus of divorce proceedings.

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