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High-profile couple, Lauer and Roque, spotted at family home

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2017 | Firm News |

Matt Lauer and his estranged wife, Annette Roque, were recently spotted sharing the holidays together with their kids. Headlines continue to spread regarding Lauer’s abrupt termination from the “Today” show due to sexual harassment complaints against him. There are also rumors afloat that Roque plans to divorce Lauer. She previously began proceedings in 2006, but subsequently withdrew the complaint. Washington readers may relate to the developing story about this high-profile couple.

Lauer and Roque own a sprawling horse farm on 40 acres that was purchased from actor Richard Gere during their marriage. It was there that they were reportedly seen recently with their children. It’s not uncommon for estranged spouses to agree to spend holidays together so their kids can spend time with both parents simultaneously rather than shuttle back and forth between homes, which can be very stressful.

The property is a 14,000 square foot home with 12 bedrooms located in Sag Harbor on Long Island, New York. Such significant assets often become central focuses when couples face property division issues in divorce. Washington state continues to govern property division in divorce under community property guidelines. This means that all marital property is considered owned equally by both parties.  

This high-profile couple will no doubt remain in news headlines as they strive to resolve their current situation. While there are rumors of Roque filing for divorce anew, there has yet to be any confirmation of that. Lauer also has other legal issues to address that have arisen following accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior against him. In Washington and elsewhere, it is typically quite helpful to retain experienced legal representation when facing complicated divorce issues.

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