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Child support orders must be followed as is, unless modified

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2017 | Firm News |

When parents in Washington divorce, they typically face numerous challenges related to their future parenting plans. Even in situations where the parties are able to amicably communicate and are willing to cooperate as needed to achieve a fair and agreeable settlement, various types of obstacles or problems may arise that cause delays or disputes. Hot button issues often involve child support or custody and visitation situations.

Where child support is concerned, state laws vary; however, each state typically provides guidelines for the court’s consideration when decisions regarding who should pay, how much and how often need to be made. Once the court has issued a particular order regarding financial provisions for children following divorce, both parents must adhere to the ruling. If one or the other parent disagrees with the court’s decision, it may be possible to file an appeal.

In the meantime, one simply can’t ignore an existing court order because one is not satisfied with a judge’s decision. Therefore, if your former spouse is required to make child support payments and is not doing so, you have every right to take immediate action to report the issue to the appropriate officials. Consequently, if you are the one who pays child support and are facing unforeseen circumstances that are making it impossible for you to meet your current obligation, you have every right to request a modification of your existing court order.

This does not mean, however, that you can stop making payments. Child support issues can be quite complex and often evoke strong emotions on both sides. At Hansen Law, PLLC, in Washington, we are fully prepared to act on your behalf in court to address any divorce-related issue.