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When divorce unexpectedly becomes part of a retirement plan

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2017 | Firm News |

Many Washington residents understand what it is like to work long, hard hours for many years to provide for a family and hopefully set aside enough money to cover any expenses that arise in their Golden Years. Planning for retirement often includes selling a home and moving to a restricted community where are residents are over age 55 or so. A marriage analyst has questioned whether this type of living might actually be a causal factor in the increased numbers of late-in-life divorce seen throughout the nation.

Does living location impact marital relationships? Some say when the location is a retirement community, it may actually increase the chances of divorce beyond age 50. Late-in-life divorce is definitely a noticeable rising trend throughout the nation. Whether living in residential communal retirement areas prompts people to sever their marital ties is debatable; however, those who believe it does say it is because of the social nature of human beings, and a tendency to mimic the behaviors of those around them exists. Therefore, if retired couples see many of their friends getting divorced, they may be more likely to do the same.

The fact that people tend to live longer nowadays may also be a causal factor in late-in-life divorce. Married couples may simply not be prepared for retired living insofar as how much one-on-one time they will actually have to spend together is concerned. Many marriages appear to be unable to withstand the strain. 

Women are often more financially independent nowadays than most would have been in decades past. This may also be one of the reasons many Washington spouses decide to go their separate ways in their Golden Years. Divorce is seldom without challenges, however and it is often easier to navigate the process if an experienced family law attorney provides assistance.

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