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Rap star gets arrested twice for failure to pay child support

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2017 | Firm News |

Some parents in Washington may relate to a current problem in another state involving rap music star, Juvenile. The entertainer is facing serious issues regarding failure to pay child support. In fact, he was arrested twice in one week in unrelated cases.

Juvenile is the stage name for Terius Gray, who had just finished performing in Jefferson Parish when police took him into custody. The 42-year-old then spent several days in jail but secured his own release by paying $10,000 toward an apparent $150,000 delinquent child support account for his 18-year-old son. Gray claims he’s very active in the young man’s life and said he recently purchased a car for him and gave him all the money he needed to attend his high school prom.

Gray’s attorney says he’s simply a good man who has fallen on hard times due to a decline in his career. Some have a different opinion, however, including the mother of another child who says Gray has not paid due child support in quite some time. In fact, he no sooner got out of jail when authorities in another parish slapped handcuffs on him again in connection with the woman’s case.

Those representing Gray in the first case said he can’t continue working to meet his debts if he’s behind bars. While every Washington case regarding failure to pay child support is unlikely to be as complicated as this one, even more benign situations can be stressful and confusing for those involved. A family law attorney knows the ins and outs of the child support system and can advise a client on how best to proceed to avoid going to jail.

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