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Struggling to meet everyday expenses after divorce?

On Behalf of | May 19, 2017 | Firm News |

Ask any Washington parent whether raising children is expensive, and a resounding, “Yes!” is likely to be the answer. Some situations add to financial stress, such as participation in many extracurricular activities, post secondary education and even divorce. Especially if a custodial parent gave up a successful career to stay home and care for children, suddenly becoming a single parent with no income can be utterly frightening. Those in such situations often worry about food, clothing and other everyday expenses, wondering how they will make ends meet.

Such issues often lead to requests for child support. It’s understandable that a parent in need would assume his or her former spouse would be willing to provide financial contribution to help raise children. It’d be nice to think that all a parent need do is ask for what’s needed and it would be provided.

It rarely works that way, however, and sometimes, such situations lead to contentious courtroom battles. Some parents don’t think they should be held responsible for child support at all. Others say they’re willing to pay, but disagree with proposed payment amounts.

In these and all child-related matters, unresolved issues are decided by the court. By seeking guidance from a legal team, such as Hansen Law, PLLC in Washington, you can protect your parental rights, keep your children’s best interests at heart. An experienced family law attorney can make certain you get what you need to pay for everyday expenses related to your children’s care after divorce.