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What daughters, social media and college have to do with divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2017 | Firm News |

Washington readers may be interested to learn that there appear to be certain issues that can serve as warnings of serious marital problems. In fact, if one of more of these things exist in a marriage, it may be a sign that divorce is looming in the not-too-far-off distance. Some of these issues are not all that surprising, while others may come as a great surprise.

For instance, if a couple has a daughter, and there are marital problems at hand, divorce may occur because the mother in the situation may want to set an example for her child that women should be proactive and independent in the face of serious marriage trouble. In situations where infidelity has occurred, somehow it doesn’t seem as surprising that the other spouse may want a divorce. A little more shocking, perhaps, is the fact that those without college degrees tend to divorce much more often than those who graduated from college.

Other issues, too, such as social media addiction, lower incomes and money trouble, also often play heavily into why people get divorced. If a spouse in Washington determines that divorce is the most viable option for resolving marital problems, a family law attorney can help set the process in motion. If children are involved, there will likely be special challenges as new parenting plans, child custody arrangements and financial matters are negotiated.

Divorce needn’t be the end of the line where success and quality of life are concerned. Many people, in fact, see the process as a stepping stone toward the creation of a new and happy future. An experienced attorney can serve as a personal advocate to protect parental rights, property assets and children’s best interests.

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