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When disagreements arise regarding best interests of the child

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2017 | Firm News |

Washington parents who decide to divorce typically have a great number of issues to work through before a final settlement is reached. Although every situation is different, one thing is certain: Divorce is a life-changing experience for all involved. When it comes to parenting, challenges may arise regarding custody, visitation and/or child support. Most parents want to keep the best interests of the child at heart; however, if parents disagree about the interpretation of that, it can be a significant problem.

If a parent determines a need for child support, for instance, and the other parent does not think he or she should have to pay, or that the requested amount is too high, finding a middle ground might be easier said than done. Especially if there’s been a communication breakdown between the parents, negotiating a fair and reasonable plan might prove near impossible if both parties can barely be in the same room together without arguing. In such situations, it often helps to enlist the aid of a third, neutral party.

At Hansen Law, PLLC, we are committed to helping you with any aspect of divorce, including those related to parenting. Our goal is to protect your rights, while helping you secure a plan that provides for the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for your child, as well as allowing you to move forward in life toward a successful, happy future. The court has the final say if you and your former spouse can not agree about child support, visitation or custody.

We are prepared to make sure your needs and goals are clearly understood and the best interests of the child are a central focus. Washington state, like all others, has its own guidelines pertaining to such matters. Hansen Law, PLLC can clarify such issues and help you obtain an agreeable outcome.