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Woman asks for child support, now fears she will lose custody

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2016 | Firm News |

When a Washington parent is faced with contentious issues regarding the care and upbringing of children, it can cause severe anxiety and stress. The mother of a toddler in another state says she is living in fear that the court is going to take her son away from her. The situation arose after she requested child support from the boy’s father, who lives in another country.

The woman asserts that the child’s father basically has had nothing to do with either of them until she requested he be held accountable for financial support of their son. Now, it seems a judge has told the woman she has two weeks to take her son to Africa to see his father and should visit there for at least six weeks. She says she is a struggling single mother and has absolutely no way to fund such a journey.

Costs for the trip have been estimated to be at least $5,000. In addition to the obvious financial hardship, the woman says she has no place to stay once she gets there and no means for earning an income during her extended stay. She said she is terrified that if she can’t meet the demands placed upon her, she will lose custody of her son.

Unresolved issues concerning child support, visitation, custody or other related matters tend to evoke strong emotions on both sides. Any Washington parent who feels unable to address a particular problem without assistance may seek support by contacting an experienced family law attorney. It is often possible to obtain swift and agreeable solutions while keeping children’s best interests at heart.

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