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Man’s tax refund seized for child support he didn’t owe

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2016 | Firm News |

One can only imagine the frustration of having a driver’s license revoked and monies seized as arrears for unpaid support that is not owed in the first place. This actually happened to a man outside Washington regarding alleged child support payments the state claimed he owed his wife. The trouble is the man’s child had already been living with him full time for at least two years when the claim was made.

The man in this particular situation was known as a dedicated father who would do anything necessary to provide for his child. At some point, the court granted him 100 percent time-sharing because evidence existed of the mother’s neglect and abuse. After the boy had been with his father a couple years, the man’s driver’s license was suddenly revoked because of alleged unpaid child support.

He then received a notice by mail stating he owed his son’s mother $30,000. His license was reinstated after a hearing officer confirmed his payments were current. This was not the end of the man’s problems, however, because some time later, his tax refund and funds in an account he had set up for his son were seized by the state.

A circuit judge ultimately ordered a cessation of all seizures against the man. The same judge ordered all monies already seized to be returned. An attorney representing the man said no returns had yet been made. Any Washington parent experiencing similar child support problems may wish to address the matter in court by acting alongside experienced representation.

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