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Simplifying complicated child support issues in Washington

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2016 | Firm News |

Raising children in Washington state is considered by many parents to be a wonderful, albeit sometimes challenging, experience. As in all other states, various situations may arise during the normal course of family life that require careful discernment and informed decision making processes in order to achieve positive outcomes. When extenuating circumstances, such as divorce or child support, complicate the issues at hand, a concerned parent may desire guidance when attempting to find solutions.

With regard to child support, state law includes specific guidelines to help resolve issues. In fact, a parent can go online and use an electronic worksheet and calculator provided by the Washington Department of Social and Health Services to use set formulas to help estimate possible child support payment amounts. However, many have said that the online forms are rather complicated and not very user-friendly.

At Hansen Law, PLLC, we are equipped to assist you in all aspects of child support proceedings. Whether you have questions about how to use online worksheets or what the process for seeking modifications of an existing court order might be, we offer sound counsel and customized representation to help meet your individual needs and goals. An experienced family law attorney will always keep a family’s best interests at heart and do everything possible to obtain favorable results in court.

Matters concerning children, such as child support or custody, are often highly emotionally charged on both sides. Especially in situations where support payments are delinquent or court orders have not been obeyed, contentious outbursts can erupt when feelings of anger and frustration take hold. By acting alongside a skilled negotiator, a parent may be able to avoid these types of stressful encounters.