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Judge advises high-profile couple to reach swift settlement

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2016 | Firm News |

When there is a child involved in a divorce between spouses in Washington or another state, strong emotions may be evoked on both sides. One high-profile couple, actress Tara Subkoff and artist Urs Fischer, have reportedly been battling over money with regard to their impending divorce. The former couple has a 4-month-old daughter whom, Subkoff claims, Fischer has never even met.

It appears Subkoff has stated that she will settle the divorce if Fischer pays her $10 million. A source allegedly close to Fischer said this amount demonstrates tremendous greed to which his client refuses to submit. This person said Fischer is a generous man who wants to do right by his daughter and former wife, but will not acquiesce to unfair demands.

Reports have also been published saying the reason Fischer has not been in close contact with his daughter is that the baby’s mother tries to use the child to force Fischer to spend time with her. A judge recently advised the feuding former couple to come to a swift agreement for their own sakes and that of their young daughter. Fischer is said to have another child from a relationship he has had with a fellow artist. The outcome of the dispute between Fischer and Subkoff remains to be seen.

Some might think $10 million is not a lot of money for an artist who has sold a single piece of work for $6.8 million in the past. Helping a high-profile couple negotiate  fair and agreeable settlement is something an experienced family law attorney can do. Anyone in Washington facing such issues is fully entitled to contact an attorney for assistance in obtaining amicable solutions to their current divorce problems.

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