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Washington may adopt child support changes

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2016 | Firm News |

Many Washington parents are currently under court orders to contribute to the financial support of their children. Child support issues are often complicated, and many continue to face challenges even after the court has issued official orders. In some states, recent changes have been made to make paying child support as convenient and simple as possible.

Typically, many people pay their court-ordered child support through their employers. Automatic payroll deductions are reportedly the means by which a majority of child support payments are made. In some situations, parents have complained about unpaid child support being problematic. This may be one of the reasons officials in various states have begun a new program that has created additional means for making payments on time.

Michigan is one state that has enlisted the help of convenience stores to allow parents to submit their child support payments electronically at their establishments. Those who wish to use the system must have personal access to computers or smart phones. They will also be charged a small service fee before the approved stores will process their payments.

At least five states have joined the new electronic payment program. Any parent who has questions regarding child support in Washington may seek answers by contacting an experienced family law attorney in the area. Seeking clarification of laws and guidelines that govern such matters is one way parents can stay abreast of pertinent information and regulations that may affect their individual situations. An attorney would be able to address any issue regarding permissible means for submitting payments or other related topics.

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