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What Johnny Depp, divorce and Washington couples have in common

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2016 | Firm News |

Every marriage is different: some last a lifetime while others end with contentious debate that couples determine cannot be resolved. When divorce occurs, various legal challenges may arise concerning assets and property division. Washington couples may want to take note of actor Johnny Depp’s current divorce and apply his lessons to their own.

Apparently, Depp was the owner of an extensive art collection. However, he recently sold it, leading some to speculate that he had done so in order to reduce the value of his marital assets before obtaining a settlement. An author who has written on similar topics stated that since Depp’s marriage lasted less than two years, it is not likely that the sale will have any effect on a settlement.

The laws governing the division of property vary by state. Washington couples considering divorce will want to seek clarification on state laws in order to make informed decisions and obtain the best settlements possible. Staging a “fire sale,” one in which assets are intentionally sold for less than market value to lower the value of marital assets during divorce will not be seen in a positive light by the court.

In Washington, Hollywood or any other location, divorce is seldom easy, especially if negotiations are taking place with a spouse who refuses to cooperate. It is often beneficial to seek the assistance of an experienced family law attorney before heading to court. Many times, seeking a consultation and discussing one’s issues in a confidential setting helps a spouse assess his or her situation in a more objective manner in order to make informed decisions.

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