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Raising a child after divorce in Washington may be challenging

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2016 | Firm News |

Many a Washington parent has experienced financial difficulty when trying to make ends meet after divorce. Raising a child is expensive, under any circumstances. A parent facing challenges because of unpaid child support has various means to enforce the order.

The laws that govern such matters vary by state. Many times, wage garnishment and/or seizure of personal property are implemented when a person ordered to make child support payments fails to do so. There are instances, however, where a delayed payment has occurred for a valid reason.

It is for the court to determine what action to take against a parent who is delinquent in child support payments. Extra expenses involving the care and upbringing of children are often included in a child support order. These might refer to educational, medical costs or other circumstances unrelated to basic living expenses. In some situations, a substantial change in circumstances necessitates the need to request a modification of an existing court order.

A Washington court sets the terms of a child support order and typically does so after considering the best interests of the children. If a parent who is raising a child after divorce is in need of assistance regarding unpaid child support, a family law attorney would be able to offer guidance. Such matters tend to be highly emotional and having an experienced and skilled negotiator on one’s side may increase the chances of an successful outcome, whether one needs assistance in  having a current order enforced, or needs information about submitting a request for modification of an order already in place.

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