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Hasselhoff says retirement plans on hold because of alimony

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2016 | Firm News |

When the court orders a person to pay alimony to a former spouse, it often bears significant impact on that person’s future financial security. Many couples who divorce, including many in Washington, continue to face legal challenges following divorce proceedings. Superstar David Hasselhoff recently expressed his frustration, saying he has been unable to make definite retirement plans because of the substantial amount of alimony he is forced to pay his former wife.

Reportedly, Hasselhoff and actress Pamela Bach finalized a divorce from their 16-year marriage in 2006. Since then, the actor has apparently paid more than $2 million to his former wife over the past decade. He stated that the amount does not include the monetary contributions he has made to support his children.

Hasselhoff said that, at 63 years of age, he would like to make definite plans for his retirement and should not have to continue working just to pay alimony. He claims that his former wife is an able and talented person who has made next to no attempt to seek gainful employment since their divorce. Hasselhoff has filed a formal request that the judge either reduce his alimony payments or do away with the requirement altogether.

Those in Washington who believe their retirement plans are being impeded by the need to continue working to meet alimony payments can discuss the issue with a family law attorney. Changes in income or lifestyle often prompt those paying alimony to seek modification of existing court orders. An experienced attorney would know the best of course of action to take to begin the process.

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