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Bristol Palin says she wants child support for her daughter

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2016 | Firm News |

The legal challenges that celebrities face within their private lives often do not remain private for long. Media reporters and fans try to stay updated on any news having to do with a public figure whose life they like to follow. Recently, Bristol Palin, daughter of former Governor Sarah Palin, has issued statements regarding child support and custody in reference to her 2-month-old daughter and the baby’s father, Dakota Meyer. Some Washington parents may be experiencing similar legal challenges and will want to make sure they have a clear understanding of state law before proceeding to court.

Palin has stated that she intends to seek child support from Meyer, whose DNA tests recently confirmed his paternity. Meyer has made it known that he would like joint custody. However, he lives in Kentucky and the baby’s mother lives in Alaska.

She has made it clear that she believes the baby would be better off staying with her in Alaska full time. She did, however, say, that she is not opposed to Meyer having a visitation schedule. Palin has also said that with regard to legal custody of the child, she wants to have the final say if any decision-making disagreement should arise between her and the child’s father.

A court in Washington, as courts in other states, typically follows certain guidelines and considers various factors before making decisions regarding child support. Such guidelines sometimes vary by state. It is crucial that a parent seeking child support, or facing other legal challenges pertaining to child custody, clearly understand all laws and guidelines pertinent to the issue before making a request of the court.

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