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Avoiding pitfalls when raising a child after divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2015 | Firm News |

Some Washington marriages last a lifetime. Others end in divorce. Though one divorce proceeding may be rather simple and merely be a matter of signing pertinent documents and agreeing on a settlement, another can be emotionally charged and quite complicated, especially when soon-to-be former spouses will be raising a child after divorce.

A child who is dragged into parental disputes regarding post-divorce settlements and future child-care arrangements may be adversely affected. Former spouses sometimes develop bad habits regarding the way they treat or speak of one another in the presence of their children after divorce. Obviously, it is likely not a good idea to speak negatively about a former spouse in front of the kids.

Many issues regarding future child support payments, asset distribution and/or important decisions regarding education or health can arise after spouses decide to end a marriage. Those in such circumstances are best served, when possible, by maintaining a cooperative and amicable relationship for the sake of their children. Agreeing to speak positively about one another and avoiding pitting a child against  the other parent may help the parties move forward in a way that encourages emotional good health for their son or daughter.

Raising a child is rarely easy. More often than not, it involves multiple challenges and many issues along the way that are best faced as a unified force when two parents are involved.  In the state of Washington, a family law attorney can offer sound legal counsel and guidance to a parent during divorce proceedings and/or where legal intervention may be necessary regarding child custody and visitation issues that remain after a judgment has already been entered.

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