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High Asset Divorce Archives

When the queen weighs in on a high asset divorce

Imagine what would happen if mothers-in-law in the United States were allowed to determine how marital assets should be divided in divorce. Such situations would likely lead to some highly contentious courtroom battles. Washington happens to be one of only nine community property states; this means that, even in a high asset divorce, all marital property is divided 50/50 between spouses, and a mother-in-law has no say.

What daughters, social media and college have to do with divorce

Washington readers may be interested to learn that there appear to be certain issues that can serve as warnings of serious marital problems. In fact, if one of more of these things exist in a marriage, it may be a sign that divorce is looming in the not-too-far-off distance. Some of these issues are not all that surprising, while others may come as a great surprise.

Preserving financial stability in a high asset divorce

There's no telling how many Washington marriages will end in divorce this year. There's also no way to presume what types of settlements those involved will achieve. That's because no two situations are exactly the same, and, even in a high asset divorce, certain things are usually up for negotiation.

Business assets: Planning ahead may be best protection

Not every marriage in Washington lasts a lifetime. Many couples wind up in divorce court. Such situations may be relatively amicable. Others, however, especially those involving business assets, contentious child custody situations or another complicated matter, much less so.

Tips for maintaining amicable parenting relationship in divorce

Many former spouses are currently dealing with complicated family problems. Avoiding discord over child custody issues can be a challenging component of a Washington, D.C. divorce. The following tips may help concerned parents keep stress levels low and find agreeable middle grounds that keep children's best interests at heart.

High-profile couple, Pitt and Jolie, reaches temporary agreement

It is difficult to predict how contentious matters will be resolved when issues regarding children arise during divorce in Washington state. A high\-profile couple from another state, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, has been drawing much media attention as attempts are made to come to terms with divorce and forge agreeable solutions to problems concerning future parenting plans. The situation has been complicated by the fact that Jolie has accused Pitt of child abuse.

Judge advises high-profile couple to reach swift settlement

When there is a child involved in a divorce between spouses in Washington or another state, strong emotions may be evoked on both sides. One high\-profile couple, actress Tara Subkoff and artist Urs Fischer, have reportedly been battling over money with regard to their impending divorce. The former couple has a 4-month-old daughter whom, Subkoff claims, Fischer has never even met.

Study in Washington suggest divorce rate coincides with vacations

Washington couples often follow similar customs and patterns as other families throughout the United States. During a typical year, married couples often participate in repeated patterns of celebration involving birthdays, anniversaries, national holidays and family vacations. What may come as a surprise to many, however, is that studies suggest divorce rates often coincide with these special times.

What Johnny Depp, divorce and Washington couples have in common

Every marriage is different: some last a lifetime while others end with contentious debate that couples determine cannot be resolved. When divorce occurs, various legal challenges may arise concerning assets and property division. Washington couples may want to take note of actor Johnny Depp's current divorce and apply his lessons to their own.

Protecting business interests in a high asset divorce.

Washington business owners may face some particularly challenging situations with regard to companies started before marriage should the marriage later end in divorce. Many times, one spouse has entered a marriage as a business owner and continues to build upon the business without input or assistance from the other spouse. Later, if the couple divorces, the spouse who owns and runs the business may be forced to pay out half of its value to the other spouse in a high asset divorce.

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